The pint-sized pansexual pastel pop-punk princess

Remy’s drag career may have just begun, but it’s been a long time coming.

In her short time in the game, she’s worked with UK drag legends such as Meth, Cheryl Hole, Anna Phylactic, Rhys’s Pieces and Donna Trump.

A background of DJing makes Remy’s musical frame of reference enormous. Her performances are cleverly crafted statements of identity with a wink of humour, to a contemporary pop/rock mixtape.

“A burlesque dancer friend told me that if you can make someone laugh or scream, that’s a real reaction, you can’t fake it. I try and do that in my performances, sometimes within the same act!”

Bristol queen Haem once described her as ‘campy but emo’ – dresses made from rubber gloves or shower curtains are par for the course. Remy’s visual references include Japanese Decora fashion, MySpace-era ‘scene’ culture and cartoons such as Steven Universe and Adventure Time.

Remy loves tailoring custom acts for themed events – do you need a bespoke performance? Book her here!