The pint-sized pansexual pastel pop-punk princess

Remy’s drag career may have just begun, but it’s been a long time coming.

In her short time in the game, she’s worked with UK drag legends such as Meth, Cheryl Hole, Anna Phylactic, Rhys’s Pieces and Donna Trump.

Her performances are cleverly crafted statements of identity with a wink of humour, to a contemporary pop/rock mixtape. Her look is souped-up scene-queen with a hint of Harajuku.

Previous performances

THE PARTY MONSTER: The morning after the night before, Remy slowly recalls the nights events, with a couple of monstrous surprises.
POWER: Women, know your limits! Remy addresses the backlash to AFAB queens in funny yet forceful style.
MAGIC: Thrills! Spills! … Run DMC? A quick-paced, fun-filled homage to the world of illusion, to a medley of magic-themed songs.

COMING SOON: FETCH THE ANAESTHETIST: The NHS is fucked, so let’s take a scalpel to the government.