Fundraising for Aveline on Gaming Revolution Radio


I’m taking part in an online radio takeover fundraiser!

The staff at Gaming Revolution Radio are putting together a Fund-raiser for Aveline, a lovely child who needs our help!

We will be doing a two part stream. The first part will be on the 24th of January and will last for at least 36 hours where we will be giving you nothing but the best entertainment on the airwaves and playing music for everyone to come and listen too, enjoy the atmosphere and have a few giveaways too!

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Podiums and Pedestals – on the marketing of female DJs and female DJ culture.

“If you worked for me, I’d put you on a podium”

This is just one of the things a man told me in snatched conversation between my mixes at work. He claimed to be affiliated with one of the most famous clubs in the country (which I shan’t name), and was basically trying to tell me I was better than the club I was playing. Except he wasn’t. “If you worked for me, I’d put you on a podium,” he purred. “You’re a good-looking girl. Everyone would want to see you.” He praised my skills, but every compliment was soured with insinuations that my crowd-pulling power would be based on looks first, talent second. He volunteered Lisa Lashes as a DJ he’s worked with. Lashes is certainly a household name, with good reason – she’s the first and only woman to be listed in the top ten DJs by DJ Magazine – as well as being stylish and beautiful. Do I have a problem with that? Of course not. What I do have a problem with is with the marketing of female DJs in general – all too often presented as eye-candy instead of ear-candy. This in itself has propagate a culture of models-turned-DJs, for whom a history of Playboy modelling is considered a valid musical credential (or so I gather from so many female DJ roster bios). Continue reading